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Who doesn’t want to look young looking once again? People who have shekels to spend will choose cosmetic surgery while most of us are forced to resort to expensive potions, lotions, and creams to achieve this. But these products rarely provide the results you truly want. However, there is an inexpensive safe and natural technique that can improve your looks. It is called acupressure facelift therapy and is an everyday procedure that can smooth, firm, and tone your face. If practiced daily and appropriately, your youthful appearance will return.

The method of acupressure facelift is comprised of facial exercises and the application of pressure on various acupressure points on the face. You only need a few minutes of your time each day to perform the therapy and you are guaranteed positive results. Acupressure facelift therapy has been widely performed in China regularly for millennia. No wonder a lot of Asian women have such smooth and beautiful skin.

Acupressure facelift therapy enables you to generate your own facelift exercise regimen which you can integrate into your every day skin care routine. An acupressure facelift procedure revitalizes and tones your facial muscles without the need to resort to painful and expensive plastic surgery. Facial exercises may not give you instant results, but when they do, you will notice a significant difference in the tone of facial skin tone that will result in a facial look that is noticeably younger than your physical age.

How to Get Started with Acupressure Facial Therapy

You or your therapist will use the palms of the hands and the balls of the fingertips to perform the procedure. The facial exercise procedure involves the use of pressure to acupressure points on the face. Gentle but firm pressure is applied and the pressure should not be painful, only a bit uncomfortable.

Your face will have acupoints that are quite sensitive. If you feel these tender spots, then you’re likely touching the correct locations of the acupressure points. With constant performing of your acupressure facial technique, these points will become less sensitive over time.

The Big Wash Exercise Acupressure Facial Technique

Developed in California by an acupuncturist named Yen Wei Choong, the Big Wash Exercise method is an acupressure exercise routine that works in preventing wrinkles, cleansing of the complexion, and stimulation of the skin.

To begin this procedure, you first need to wash and dry your hands. Then put your palms together and rub them rapidly back and forth. Rub those palms together for about forty times. This will make your palms warm, which is a sign of a buildup of vital energy or qi in your palms. This technique is based on a Chinese medicine theory that believes a wrinkle is really the result of stagnant qi.

With your fingers by the side of the bridge of your nose, put your hands on your face then move the hands in a roundabout motion and then in an upward motion. While the tips of your finger move over your forehead as you move your hands upward, start to move the tips of your fingers downward as your thumbs pass along your ears. Do this process again, using your fingertips this time begin at the chin, moving along your nose’s side, on to your eyes, and over the forehead. Move your fingertips over the hairline as you reach the top of your forehead, then along the ears, going downward to the chin.

Gently perform this washing motion over your face 36 times.

You Qi energy will balance in your facial skin when you repeat this procedure daily. This will slow down the aging process of your face and in addition will augment the efficacy of the anti-aging topical creams you may be using.

There is really no need to submit your face to grueling, highly invasive, and dangerous surgery. With acupressure facelift therapy, you can attain the same results as surgery without risking your appearance and spending a small fortune to achieve them.

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