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A quite common health condition especially for middle aged individuals and seniors, osteoarthritis is a condition in which the joints progressively degenerate. As one can surmise, osteoarthritis can be quite a painful disease. Here is how it develops:

The cartilage is a layer of membrane found between all the joints in our body. The cartilage helps make body movement easy as it serves like a … Continue reading

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In spite of the needling procedure that many people are wary of, acupuncture treatment of arthritis is fast becoming a very popular treatment alternative for arthritis. Arthritis is a rheumatoid disease marked by the familiar arthritis symptoms of joint pain and stiffness. For the 15 or more million Americans as well as the millions upon millions of people throughout the world who have successfully tried … Continue reading

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When a person’s joints and its surrounding areas become damaged that his body cannot repair, then he is likely to experience osteoarthritis signs and symptoms.  The real underlying reason why osteoarthritis happens is still unanswered by science although there may be many factors that are suspected of increasing your likelihood of acquiring this condition.

Each person is exposed to factors that slowly cause the joints … Continue reading