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All people have a desire to remain youthful and young looking. There are lots of expensive potions, lotions, and creams on the market that allege to help us attain this. Another thing to consider is plastic surgery. However, most of us cannot afford this and most don’t have the luxury of time to heal from the surgery. One very practical and very economical way to smooth, firm, and tone your face is through an acupressure facelift procedure. If done every day and correctly, it will lead to a return of a youthful appearance.

Utilizing several pressure points on the face and facial exercises, acupressure facelift is performed everyday in just a few minutes and delivers really incredible results. For thousands of years, this technique has been regularly practiced in China. This is the reason why a lot of Asian women possess such beautiful skin.

Some acupressure specialists have devised their own unique ways of administering an acupressure facelift exercise routine. They can assist you into incorporating it into your daily skin care program. Acupressure facelift is a natural facelift procedure that is designed to revitalize and tone your facial muscles without the need for painful and expensive plastic surgery. As you may have guessed, these facial exercises are not quick fix answers; nevertheless, they can bring about a positive difference that is very natural to the eyes enhancing your facial skin tone and contributing to a facial appearance that will look much younger than your true physical age.

Getting Started

The palms of the hands and balls of the fingertips are the only tools you need to do the exercises. Bear pressure to the acupressure points on the face in the facial exercise routine. Use gentle but firm pressure. The pressure should not be painful although it may be a bit uncomfortable.

Certain acupoints on your face may feel some sensitivity. You are likely hitting the correct locations of the acupoints if you feel tenderness in those spots. The spots will become less sensitive after regularly performing this acupressure routine. This acupressure exercise is designed to prevent wrinkles, clean your complexion, and stimulate your skin.

Wash and dry your hands. Put your palms together and rub them rapidly to and fro and back and forth for about 40 times. When your palms start to become warm, this means the flow of Chi energy in the palms is flowing vigorously. Chi means life force energy in Chinese. According to these people, the development of wrinkles is actually the result of slow flowing or stagnant Chi.

Next, put your hands on your face in a manner that your fingers are close to the bridge of your nose. Then move your hands in a cyclical motion moving them upward as you go. Your fingertips should move over your forehead as your hands move upward, now start to move the fingertips in a downward motion while your thumbs go over your ears. Redo this procedure once more, beginning at the chin, moving the fingertips through the side of your nose, eyes, and past the forehead. Move your fingertips through the hairline when you reach the apex of your forehead, then through the ears and down to the chin. Gently do this washing movement on your face 37 times.

Begin at the chin once more, and move across the nose, through the eyes and forehead, alongside the hairline, along the ears, and then returning again to the chin. For 37 times, perform this sweeping movement over your face lightly.

Doing this routine every day will enable your Chi energy to rebalance your facial skin, preventing it from aging. This technique can also enhance the efficacy of any topical creams you are currently using to help slow down the aging process.

If you want a younger and healthy looking skin, you don’t need to go under the knife. An everyday acupressure facelift routine can provide you with the same amazing results as surgery safely, naturally and in an extremely less expensive way.

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