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The common question asked by many when talking about Chinese cuisine is whether or not it is possible to create a healthy diet based on Chinese food. Yes, is the obvious answer to that question. In truth, the Chinese people are extremely health-conscious and the kinds of food they eat are usually quite nourishing. Chinese cuisine definitely can be a part of your health diet if you emphasize on them made with steamed meat or steamed vegetables.

Opting for a Chinese food diet? Here are the 7 reasons why you should do so:

1. In a traditional Chinese food diet, a healthy balance of yang and yin foods is always maintained. The yang foods are represented by the different types of meat served in a Chinese cuisine while yin foods are comprised of vegetables and fruits. According to Chinese nutritional therapy, this balance is essential to ward off ailments and illnesses.

2. No oil or as little oil as possible is used in the various Chinese cooking methods (baking, stewing, boiling, roasting, and steaming). Besides that, the Chinese delicacies that are highly sought after are not deep-fried but stir-fried and thus are considered a healthy diet.

3. A typical Chinese diet is one that maintains health and includes a copious amount of tea, meat used as seasoning, the right amount of brown rice, lots of vegetables, and loads of carbohydrates. Red meat is only used every now and then as it tends to raise cholesterol levels in the body.

4. Some Chinese food products and ingredients, such as green tea and mushrooms, are deemed to possess certain chemicals that can fight off cancer. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that are known to help facilitate weight loss.

5. Instead of using milk based products such as cheese, butter, or cream, most Chinese delicacies are cooked using poly-unsaturated oils.

6. More emphasis is made on the use of right combination of condiments, spices, and herbs, in your typical Chinese food diet, which makes it very ideal in the promotion of good health.

7. Finally, Chinese foods are quite inexpensive and will not be a strain on your budget especially during times of economic recession.

So, if you are interested in having an inexpensive but extremely nutritious diet, eat at your nearest Chinese restaurant and be sure to select the delectable but appropriate healthy dishes on the menu.

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