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With more and more people suffering from sciatica, a wide variety of treatments are now being offered in the market. A new a solution for sciatica in the US (but not in China) is acupuncture and since it not only works extremely well in relieving nerve pain, it is also a very safe and natural treatment whose benefits can last for a long time.

When you get acupuncture treatment in Cleveland for sciatica you can avoid the use of over-the-counter and prescription drugs and even surgery. This is a treatment that involves the use of thin and sterile needles inserted into certain areas in the body to normalize the circulation of blood and vital energy (Chi). When the flow of blood and Chi run smoothly, body pain is relieved. This has been proven true time and time again in studies conducted in Western countries and in China. Former sciatica patients swear to the effectiveness of this method that has stopped their pain for good.

The main symptom of sciatica pain is severe pain in the lower back. This pain is oftentimes felt from the top of the buttocks down to the legs. This is due to muscle spasms near the sciatic nerve caused by aging or lack of exercise. Sciatica may also be brought about by some degenerative diseases like a herniated disk. Fortunately, we have acupuncture that can relieve sciatica pain as well as muscle spasms that can lead to prompt and long term relief.

There are many ways in which acupuncture can treat sciatica nerve pain. First, it can boost the flow of blood in the spinal cord and back area which leads to the alleviation of pain. Second, acupuncture can provide flexibility and strength to the bones and muscles not to mention also help relax the muscles. Third, it can even add more energy in a person which can also make him more active. Sometimes, the treatment may not take effect immediately; sometimes though, it does.

A person can really understand how acupuncture works effectively in treating sciatica if he or she has a basic understanding of how sciatica is caused. The pain can be due to several factors but usually is caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve. Pain can also be due to spasms in the muscles that are directly connected to the nerve. It can also be caused by inflammation in the nerve itself. Another cause can be the aforementioned degenerative joint disease if it occurs around the spine that affects the nerve in question.

If degenerative disease is the cause of your sciatica, then acupuncture may not be the right treatment for you. Yes, it can still help bring temporal relief but it will fail to cure the condition completely. When a spinal disc begins to press on the sensitive sciatic nerves, muscles automatically tighten and this leads to pain. Acupuncture cannot restore the disc to its correct position; it however can ameliorate the muscle inflammation and spasms.

Be that as it may, acupuncture is still considered the most natural and safest way to cure sciatica. It does not involve the use of any drugs so you won’t experience any side effects from it and it helps prevent you needing to undergo surgery. Acupuncture truly remains the best way to stop nerve pain without experiencing any side effects.

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