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People suffering from sexual dysfunction that may seem chronic or long-lasting are highly susceptible to emotional problems like depression. The impact of the sexual problem for both the person and his/her partner needs to be known since if not properly addressed, the sexual dysfunction of one partner can result in arguments and conflicts that may end up in a relationship breakup.

Interestingly, when both partners are affected by low sexual desire, the problem of their sexual dysfunction may not strongly impact or be problematic in their relationship.  However, the poor sexual desire can be a gauge in measuring the emotional health of the couple’s relationship.  In certain instances where a loving and excellent relationship exists, the poor sexual desire of one partner may cause the other to feel unwanted and hurt. This may potentially lead to feelings of resentment and can cause the partner who’s been hurt to emotionally distance himself/herself to the other.

One thing that sex is capable of doing is to either bond the couple together or to become a factor that can slowly drive them apart. If one partner shows real disinterest in having sexual relations with the other partner and it becomes a cause for friction and conflict, the couple should seek counseling or advice from a doctor or a psychologist before the relationship becomes strained beyond help.

A couple should discuss all possible therapies with a qualified healthcare provider or read materials that will help understand each other’s problem, desires and needs.


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