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Dandruff is not merely a dryness of the skin it also means excessive oil and an excessive output of small scales made up of skin cells “glued together with skin oil.” Dandruff is also referred to as common dandruff, seborrhea dermatitis or just seborrhea. This oil manifest as a number of issues such as red, raw patches below the breasts, redness in the armpits or … Continue reading

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A skin condition that causes the scalp to produce flakes of skin is termed dandruff.  The word dandruff is highly likely to come from two words: “dand” (origin unknown) and “huff” of “hurf” which is an East Anglian word that means “scab” which is related to the Old Norse word “hrufa” that also means “scab”. This word is known as “hruf” in Old High German … Continue reading

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The skin’s natural cycle that becomes speeded up eventually leads to the development of dandruff. The acceleration causes the accumulation of dead skin of the scalp that appears as patches on the scalp coming away into the hair. This results in skin flaking on the scalp that we know as dandruff.

The cause of why the skin cycle starts to accelerate is still a medical … Continue reading