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An extremely draining condition that can cause people to live a torturous life, tinnitus is a problem that involves perceived ringing sounds in the ear of person. This condition is especially common in the work environment of Western societies – repetitive mechanical noises in factories, personal music machines, background machines, loud concerts and other typical cultural leisure pursuits, tend to bring about hearing problems.

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According to traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, for short, herbal treatment of tinnitus would depend on its ‘root’ cause and the Organ Systems involved. Vertigo and tinnitus have a number of possible underlying causes. Oftentimes, tinnitus due to Excess is aggravated by cupping the hands over the ears.

According to TCM, some of the more common patterns of tinnitus are as follows:

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Regardless of the fact that there are many available solutions for eliminating or minimizing tinnitus, this condition can still invariably lead to complications.  These can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia


This common emotional problem can be described as a feeling of agitation, nervousness or worry that something beyond your control is about to occur. This emotional worry can be the result of the continuous ringing … Continue reading

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Making a specialist or doctor’s appointment allows you to proactively comprehend better what condition you are suffering from and to know the steps that will help you feel better. Providing inaccurate or ambiguous information may result in you getting a poor quality of treatment.

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