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After days of sitting in front of the TV watching mind numbing shows for hours on end and eating and drinking lots of pizza and beer, you might be worried about gaining a bit of flab around your waist and stomach. You may consider embarking on those delectable food-diet prepackaged programs or ordering the latest diet book online. You may also want to try another … Continue reading

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Losing weight the wrong can cause complications.  Using the wrong method and losing a substantial amount of weight can land you in a hospital.  It is hugely recommended to lose weight in a gradual or slow way which the body can properly adapt to.  The best way to lose weight is with a good regular diet and exercise.  You need to lose excess weight gradually … Continue reading

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Obesity is considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a global problem.  However, this problem is misleading since an overwhelming number of people in Africa and Asia are suffering from starvation and poverty.  Since this article is not about poverty and starvation we shall focus on the problem of obesity and the means to treat this problem.

There is a difference between being overweight … Continue reading