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In medical terminology, menstrual cramping is called dysmenorrhea and is often referred to as period pain. This kind of pain is felt as a heavy, dull, sharp, throbbing, or even burning pain. The condition can become complicated with unusual loss of blood and the pain is occasionally due to an IUD insertion of for contraceptive purposes. The suffered may feel the pain in the thighs and lower stomach.

Commonly prescribed drugs for dysmenorrhea are NSAIDs or Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; unfortunately, they come with bad side effects and merely mask the pain. The exact cause of menstrual cramping is unknown in Western medicine.

Studies have now shown that menstrual cramping can be more effectively treated with acupuncture than with pharmaceutical drugs (NSAIDS) minus the ulcers and other adverse effects.

Boca Raton Acupuncture for treatment of menstrual cramping has in fact been used for millennia. TCM or Traditional Chinese medicine knows that exact cause of menstrual cramping and hence can resolve the problem providing a lasting result. Because NSAIDS never address the cause of the problem, women who take them need to take them indefinitely.

Trained Chinese medical doctors believe menstrual cramping is caused by certain imbalances affecting the major organs of the body with the liver being the most common. If one thinks about the liver and how it stores blood, he can comprehend the need of asserting the liver’s role in the rise of menstrual cramping.

The energy channel associated with the liver meridian is the energy channel that radiates from the big toe, to the inside of the leg, and through the genitalia connecting to the breast and liver. This is the reason acupoints on the inner side of the leg are occasionally chose to treat menstrual cramping.

Sometimes women’s intuition allows them to get relief when they place a bottle of hot water on their lower stomach. According to TCM, this is because one cause of menstrual cramping is from the accumulation of damp and cold in the body. A hot water bottle’s warmth actually helps resolve the cause of the problem. Be that as it may the Chinese heat therapy technique of moxibustion has shown t be much more effective.

Also useful in addressing menstrual cramping are Chinese herbs and plants that help nourish and supplement the. This is fascinating since the herbs themselves are not painkillers in property yet can still help the problem. This again is due to the fact that the herbs took care of the root of the problem, which is the blood itself.

Sports injuries and Women’s conditions are the most common illnesses seen by doctors. This is because Chinese herbs and acupuncture work extremely well for these problems and lots of people choose a treatment that is safe and natural and in many occasions have proven to work better than the western medical alternatives of surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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Tuina Massage Therapy Can Provide Stress Relief And A Whole Lot Of Other Benefits In Children

Young mothers are advised by their doctors to frequently massage the legs of their babies in order to increase blood flow to the babies’ legs, which can help them sleep better. This type of touch therapy tend to also strengthen the bond between child and mother. A full body massage for pre-schoolers can help these very young kids cope with stressors such as schoolwork. Along with its soothing effects, massage can also improve breathing and calm down hyperactive kids effectively. By means of massage courses taught by masters of this age-old therapy, a caregiver or mother can learn to sense an appropriate feel of the body area and administer the right amount of pressure to the nerve points or muscle of children.

Tuina Massage Therapy for Children

To improve a child’s immunity from common diseases and strengthen their digestive system, TCM or Traditional Chinese medicine in Maitland has been using the Grasping Belly Corner or Na Du Chiao technique. Depending on the type of the problem encountered, it only takes 20 to 30 minutes to perform this massage on areas, such as back, legs, arms, and face. This special method is a branch of traditional tuina pediatric massage performed by Chinese parents to children aged 7 years old and above to boost their physiological constitution.

Tuina is used in combination with acupuncture for older children. This technique helps remove blockages to clogged acupoints that hinder a smooth flow of vital energy or chi. A blockage usually leads to tummy aches, pain and constipation, as well as allergies and colds. Because the bodies of children are still developing, their internal mechanisms aren’t string enough and sometimes they fall to illness. In certain times, the child develops a Yin and Yang imbalance which can lead to asthma necessitating a healing massage every other day or once a day.

The hazards of city life can lead to problems in the human body, resulting in pains and aches as well as respiratory and skin problems. In addition, the pressure of meeting expectations in school or work, can eventually lead to the breakdown of the body from time to time. A high level of cortisol in the child’s body can retard cell repair and growth, disturb hormone production, and hinder cognitive function and metabolism. If an adult can become chronically fatigued and get sick from too much stress, what more a child who has to deal with personal issues and conflicts every day.

Several research work has been done studying the positive effects of frequent physical contact between children and their parents. Mothers, in particular, who have spent nearly 75 percent of their time playing with and caressing their babies established a deeper emotional bond with their kids. Other cultures also promoting external expressions of physical affection in families demonstrated lower incidences of adult violence. Touch is actually a form of physical massage that relieves anxiety in children. Provide fast relief from physical exhaustion and stress to your kids!

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Moxibustion is an alternative form of medicine that burns moxa wool over the body. The lit moxa produces various degrees of heat required to generate healing. In women, some of moxibustion’s uses include calming a fetus, stopping bleeding, normalize menstruation, warm the abdomen and spleen to eliminate stagnation, and to warm the uterus. Depending on your health conditions or symptoms, it can be utilized as part of your treatment protocol.

How Does Moxibustion Work?

The pungent scent of moxa reaches the energy channels or meridians to stimulate blood and Chi (energy) expelling cold from the meridians. Heat and/or Cold impacts the movement of Chi in the body – Heat quickens Chi while Cold stagnates or slows down its flow. Pain arises when blood or Chi stagnates or slows down. Pain can only be relieved when stagnation is removed from the body. Moxibustion decreases pain because it helps warm the meridians and clears out stagnation facilitating the flow of blood and Chi. Moxa is designed to invigorate the blood, alleviate pain, prevent illness and maintain health.

Functions of Moxibustion

1. For maintaining health and preventing disease.

A description in Precious Prescriptions states: “a person traveling in China’s southwestern regions, such as Szechuan and Yunnan provinces, should administer moxibustion at 2 or 3 points to avoid pestilence, epidemic diseases, and pernicious malarias well as to refrain from developing boils and sores.” It’s often stated, “if a person desires to be healthy, he should have moxibustion over the point Szusanli often.” In Notes on Moxibustion by Bian Que, there’s a passage that goes, “when a person who is healthy man has moxibustion to the points of Ren 4 (Guanyuan), Ren 6 (Chihai), Du 4 (Mingmen) and Ren 12 (Shongwan) points often, he would live a hundred years at least or a life longer than that.” Medical practice has shown that moxibustion is can be a very useful way to keep healthy and prevent disease.

2. To strengthen yang from collapse.

The foundation of the human body is Yang Chi. If there is adequate Yang Chi in the body, the person lives a long life; if the body has no Yang Chi, death occurs. Disorders in Yang is caused by having too much yin in the body which results in exhaustion, deficiency, and to cold of the primary chi that’s characterized by a deadly pulse. To prevent the body from collapsing and to strengthen yang chi, yin and yang deficiency should then be addressed with moxibustion.

3. To activate the smooth flow of blood and chi.

One of the functions of moxibustion is to stimulate the downward or upward flow of chi and blood. For instance, moxa is used on k1 point to treat the illnesses caused by excess cold in the lower part of the body, and symptoms of liver yang symptoms caused by the upward flow of yang chi in order to direct downward the flow of blood and chi. In the book miraculous pivot, it states in chapter 64 “when an excess of Chi occurs in the upper area, then needle the point in the lower area.” If the illness is caused by inadequacy in the upper area and excess in the area of the body and caused by sinking of chi from prolonged diarrhea or prolapse of uterus, then yang qi flow should be directed upwards.

4. To warm the meridians and dispel cold.

Irregular circulation of blood and chi in the body usually lead to a variety of problems and disorders in the body. Heat causes the rapid flow of chi while cold makes the flow slow or causes stagnation. Regular stimulated blood flow while cold slows down the smooth flow of chi. Because blood and chi stagnation is usually addressed by warming the chi, moxibustion is the appropriate treatment to bring about the smooth flow of chi through the use of burning moxa wool. The 75th chapter of miraculous pivot states, “if warming-up with moxibustion isn’t enough to treat blood stagnation, acupuncture may also not be enough to treat the condition.” In the 48th chapter of miraculous pivot, it says “since depression is caused by blood stagnation caused by cold, symptoms of depression should be resolved with moxibustion alone. The stagnation should be addressed with moxibustion.” It’s not hard to understand that moxa works by facilitating blood flow and warming up the energy channels in order to promote blood circulation. Hence, moxibustion is used mostly in clinics to treat illnesses resulting from cold-dampness and lingering diseases caused by harmful cold reaching deep into the muscles.

Practitioners may utilize needles used in acupuncture made from various materials along with moxibustion, based on the direction of chi circulate flow they wish to activate.

Ni Nan Gilbert is a licensed acupuncturist in Bellmore, NY with certification in Chinese Herbology and over 16 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine.

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These days, the ancient art of Tai chi is used as an exercise program that provides more benefits compared to the other conventional exercise routines. The other routines can provide meaningful benefits only to the musculoskeletal system. You apply your force against an immovable object when performing isometric exercises, which only benefits a few group of muscles in the body.

Weightlifting or calisthenics also only promotes stimulation to some individual muscles but unlike isometric exercises, they provide a wider range of movement to the muscles. However, all those exercises are incapable of improving one’s overall physique. Tai chi is the only exercise that can help build your entire physique.

According to the Medical Academy of Shanghai, the benefits you can get from practicing Tai chi are so many and enormous. Studies conducted by this academy reveal that Tai Chi tones the musculoskeletal system of your body, relieves stress, and lowers blood pressure. It also smoothes the flow of blood in your body, stimulates the central nervous system, and totally cures all your presenting gastric problems.

From the standpoint of TCM or traditional Chinese medicine in Bellingham, the inner vital energy of our body called chi is essential in keeping us always healthy and fresh. If the circulation of chi in the body is disrupted in any way, it will lead to illnesses and/or pain within the body. Hence, the primary goal of tai chi is to sustain the smooth flow of chi at all times. This exercise is definitely an extremely unique and versatile exercise program that anyone can perform.