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A sedentary lifestyle may make you prone to developing back pain. One of the best ways to turn your sedentary lifestyle around and to remedy your back pain is to do stretching exercises. Doing some stretching exercises can help relax your tight muscles and help loosen the compression of your nerve root which might be the cause of your back pain. When you engage in stretching workouts, avoid any twisting, bouncing or jerking during the stretch. Also when you do a stretching routine be sure to hold your stretching posture for at least half a minute.

Acupuncture or Physiotherapy

Having a back massage or undergoing acupuncture for your back pain greatly helps in relieving back pain. These procedures not only help mitigate the pain but can accelerate the healing process of any back injury as well.

Diet Changes

If you can, eat a raw whole food diet for at least one day in a week.  This means solely eating vegetables and fresh fruits and/or drinking natural unprocessed fruit juices for a whole day. This type of diet will help lessen the inflammation of your spinal cord. If you have arthritis that affects your back, then it is important to abstain from eating red meat. Your doctor may recommend you take certain dietary supplements especially vitamin B- complex to help battle inflammation and to neutralize emotional and physical stress.  Soups and alfalfa salads are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that can greatly improve your condition.

Patients with arthritis can also take cider vinegar, capsaicin, chamomile, honey and ginger to build back strength and battle back pain and swelling. Herbal supplements like turmeric capsules and green tea are very good antioxidants that can help in relieving body pain including back pain.

Adequate Rest

Sometimes a good rest may be all you need to remove body stress and pain in your body. Lying down for a few hours many times a day can help reduce discomfort and soreness in the back and can help quicken the healing process as well.  It is not advisable to lie on your back for long periods of time as it can aggravate your backache by increasing muscle stiffness. Move your legs and hands from time to time to release muscle tension in your extremities.

Heat and Ice

If your back pain comes with serious muscle inflammation and/or spasms, applying ice pack over the painful and swollen areas can help relieve your pain. Using also a hot water bag on the painful area is good to help mitigate your discomfort.  You can also have a hot water bath if you want to further reduce back pain and loosen muscle tension.

If all these aforementioned home remedies and lifestyle changes seem to fail you, then you can avail of the services of a physical therapist or consult with an orthopedic doctor to chart a more effective treatment course for your back pain.

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