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Around 30 million Americans are sadly (pun intended) taking antidepressants for depression giving the United States the monicker “Prozac nation”. But besides drugs, there are several different ways to treat depression. The pharmaceutical companies are relying on the spread of anxiety and stress that now plague almost every household in America; anyway, it is highly improbable that the symptoms will go away anytime soon.

The problem with antidepressants is that they have a lot of negative side effects that are related to them. Body rashes, tremors, sexual dysfunction, infertility, appetite loss, fatigue, insomnia, lack of energy, and anxiety are just some of the side effects these products cause. Acupuncture is a real safe alternative to consider if you’re one of the millions who have a problem with depression. It is actually just one among several types of eastern therapies that offer another and safer way to feel better.

Dating back thousands of years, Eastern medicine, specifically acupuncture, has been used to treat depression and other medical problems. This technique works due to the fact that acupuncturists cure the entire body rather than simply categorizing physical conditions and mental conditions. People tend to experience various degrees of pain when they’re anxious or upset. If a car accident causes physical trauma in a person, that person’s emotional well-being is also affected. If well-being is not taken care of mental disorders can arise. There have been individuals who have even seen their general health suffer and some of them even end up with cancer.

For those suffering from depression or anxiety, the help of an acupuncturist is very much advised. The practitioner will evaluate your whole medical history and design a customized, individualized plan of treatment to address your specific needs. This plan will resolve your ongoing symptoms in a drug free and safe manner.

In Chinese medicine depression has five elements that are associated with it. These elements are water, metal, earth, fire, and wood. They all each have certain significance when it comes to treating depression. Another Chinese medicine concept is the Ying and Yang which deals with the need for balance and harmony within the body systems. Yin and yang implies that there is a duality in life and the universe (cold and hot, sad and happy, negative and positive, etc.). Yin cannot function without yang and vice versa.

Over the past few decades, there have an abundance of research proving that acupuncture in Encino works as much as drugs in treating depression.

One clear advantage that acupuncture has over pharmaceutical drugs is that the former does not have the side effects that the latter have.

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Accept it, part of us have a certain vanity that makes us want to possess a perfect skin. People, women most especially, are often interested in the current breakthroughs for cosmetic medicine and skin care treatment. We need to satisfy a certain curiosity when we are updated in these matters.

Very few of us are aware of the benefits of acupuncture in the treatment of acne. Yes, acupuncture, a treatment that involves the placement of needles in certain parts of the body to heal illness can also be an amazing cure for acne. It has found its rightful place in the skin care industry. Acne acupuncture treatment in Maitland is now being recommended by some dermatologists and doctors as an additional part of the skin care regimen for their clients.

Designed to restore the health, vitality and glow of the skin, cosmetic acupuncture is believed to help address age spots, rosacea, or acne spots. Besides these health benefits, it can also do instant face lifts and strengthen the muscles of the face as well as boost production of collagen, eliminate wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity, and improve complexion.

In certain acne sufferers, the search for the best treatment of their problem often turns out to be futile and unproductive. This is usually the point when they consider acupuncture for acne treatment. Actually, they would rather prefer a more natural and safe way to have clear skin without the need of applying harsh chemicals on their skin and with acupuncture, the likelihood of the skin being injured or damaged by chemicals are drastically lessened. With acupuncture’s help, you utilize the innate healing ability of your body and its very own natural chemicals to cure acne.

So, if you are confused and tired which remedy or chemical to first apply on your skin and what comes next after that, then maybe you can avail yourself of a natural remedy that would simply take a few multiple sessions for really good results to be seen.

Acupuncture is designed to help you regain balance within your body without relying or ingesting on various kinds of synthetic chemicals. This treatment is also based on the theory that some of the answers to heal whatever ailment or symptoms that your body is exhibiting, the human body has. Finding a therapy that is as concerned with the way you look as it is with your overall well-being is difficult. If you happen to stumble onto one or two modes of treatment, then by all means, go for it. In the long run, it would be a lot easier on your wallet. This article is actually pointing you to one such treatment, acupuncture acne treatment. It has the power to resolve skin problems and other health conditions such as hypertension, vertigo, pain, and others.

In the treatment of acne or other health problems via acupuncture, it is imperative that the procedure is performed by a qualified acupuncturist. You need to be sure the practitioner that you are going to is as passionate in protecting your health as you are. Entrusting that part of your body that physically represents you in the world – your skin – to a person who is not qualified to care for, is a big risk to take. Don’t even think about it. Going to someone that will only add to your problems is exactly what you will do if you don’t go to an accredited and experienced acupuncturist.

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TCM or Traditional Chinese medicine’s efficacy has long been recognized. It offers another form of cure for various types of ailments. For thousands of years, it has been used in China as a way to treat dozens of conditions, including infertility. The components that make up Traditional Chinese medicine includes massage therapy, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and certain exercises (Qi Gong or Tai Chi) to bring back balance to the body.

A procedure in which very thin needles are stuck into certain spots in the body, acupuncture depends on a TCM system of diagnosis to ascertain and treat specific health problems. The needles are known to access blood and energy (qi) flow in the body, which leads to a smooth flow of energy throughout the body. It is known to restore balance in the body resulting in good health and well-being.

Slowly but surely, TCM is gaining acceptance in the Western world. Nowadays, it is often used side by side along with Western medicine. Acupuncture in Orlando can be utilized as a form of complementary treatment or as a standalone medical procedure for the treatment of both male and female infertility. Used as a standalone treatment, acupuncture is quite potent in helping normalize your body systems. This helps improve blood flow to the reproductive organs and regulate hormonal levels, which in turn, boosts sperm production in men and ovarian function in women.

More often than not, acupuncture is used alongside Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of infertility in both sexes. But if you are undergoing medical treatment, it’s important to consult with your naturopathic doctor or physician first before taking herbs because some of these herbs can adversely affect your ongoing medication.

When used as a complementary treatment for women taking modern fertility treatments, acupuncture has proven to be quite beneficial in keeping them calm and relaxed while they are under stressful therapies. Research has shown that acupuncture unquestionably boosts the rate of pregnancy in women who are under IVF (vitro fertilization) therapy.

TCM has also some good news for older women wanting to get pregnant. For them, this treatment can be used to help them attain optimal health and rid themselves of any underlying problem, like endometriosis. TCM, by itself is a holistic style of healing that can be an effective cure for practically any illnesses, including male and female infertility.

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The term “bird nest” for most people in the modern world is anything but extraordinary. Of course, we know that a bird’s nest is where most birds lay and keep their eggs. The nest protects the hatchlings until they are big enough to fly on their own. Bird’s nests are ordinary and common so they’re not something one thinks about too much.

That’s how it is in the Western world, but in the world of TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, a bird nest suggests something entirely different. To be specific, the nest TCM refers to and uses is the nest of a bird known as a Swiftlet. This bird has a bizarre way of creating a nest: It regurgitates its own saliva to adhere (glue) to hold, the sticks and other materials that make the nest, together.

The word “regurgitate” makes it all sound pretty gross especially when you relate it to something you’re supposed to use for your own body; however, by the time you become familiar with the astonishing benefits of this specific bird’ nest, you’ll realize why the Chinese has been using it since the 17th century.

This bird’s nest is used for a number of purposes in traditional Chinese medicine, including:

– As cough suppressant
– As nourishment for the lungs
– For cell regeneration
– For improved digestions
– For healing sickness
– For the enhancement of skin complexion

From the saliva of a bird, that’s a whole lot of benefits! And because of this, the nest of the swiftlet, difficult to find, has been cherished by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

Bird Nest Product in the Present

Another interesting about the Swiflet’s nest is that the nest is built either up in very high steep cliffs or buried deep within dark caverns and caves way beyond the reach of humans.

So, how do humans manage to reach and get those nests in order to use it as some kind of treatment? Actually, you don’t’ need to risk your own life or travel to China to derive the benefits of this nest. Now, all you have to do is go online and search for reputable sellers of the (bird’s nest) supplements associated with traditional Chinese medicine.

In TCM, this bird’s nest is so common that any decent retailer who specializes in these products will surely have them available. Do not buy the swiftlet bird nest in pill form. Buy it in raw form and soak the nest before using it. This way, you know you are getting the authentic nest with its full benefits intact.
While the swiftlet bird nest is not something people widely use today, slowly but surely though, it is getting more and more popular in the West where it is used as a natural alternative treatment for different kinds of illnesses.

With the nest of the Swiftlet, you can even get beauty benefits! You can gain a more youthful appearance and your complexion can become smoother and more vibrant. This nest can slow down the process of aging and wrinkles and fine lines can disappear. You can use it to treat coughing and fever safely and quickly without any of the side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs.

Ivelisse DeJongh is a Miami acupuncturist and the medical director at DeJongh Acupuncture Clinic.

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For those who have ever experienced acupuncture treatment or some type of traditional Chinese medicine technique, or are planning to go, as a patient, they may wonder what the healer is doing with their pulse. Pulse diagnosis is an important tool in the practice of a healer of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

A part of the training of acupuncturists and TCM practitioners is pulse diagnosis in order to heal a bunch of health conditions. A lot of TCM students, however, struggle with information that is at odds with the classical texts regarding pulses.

The reading of the pulse is some sort of a combination of scientific examination and an art form. If you come in to a TCM practitioner’s office for treatment and experience this (pulse diagnosis) for the first time, you may be astonished to find out that the practitioner uses this diagnostic technique to identify issues you may already suspect or know you’re suffering from.

Basic Principles and Positions

Pulse diagnosis has six positions that can be divided equally into two: three on the left and three on the right. These positions are read using the ring, middle, and index fingers at the radial artery. According to Shiz-hen (Li Shizhen), there are 27 main pulse states. You can base pulse reading upon four main principles to make the reading a little less complicated. These principles include:

1) Rapid
2) Slow
3) Sinking
4) Floating

Moreover, if one is to sit in on a series of consultations with an acupuncturist, he/she may, after a while, observe that a lot of health problems can be reduced down into over simplifications such as liver energy stagnation or dampness in the spleen. This is one of the problems with TCM and the complications in reading pulses through the use of conflicting classical documents.

Modern Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

These days, modern Chinese pulse diagnosis is an evolving system that strives to give an insight into patients by using an exquisite and sophisticated style in order to understand a person’s condition in a holistic way.

Modern Chinese pulse diagnosis can provide insight into these different levels. These levels include:

• The constitution of the patient

• Previous diseases

• Traumas

• Early ailments affecting normal physiology

• Emotional conditions

• Consequences of patient’s lifestyle

• Behavioral patterns

• Environmental stressors

Mastering Pulse Diagnosis

Whatever training an acupuncturist or TCM practitioner undergoes, this specific TCM discipline may take quite a long time to properly master and even if a dozen practitioners have been through the same training to qualify, out of these 12, only a few will have the skill to listen very deeply to the pulses of their patients in a manner that others will probably be able to master only after many years, or even decades.

This listening skill is an energetic talent that just comes naturally to a few people, although it can be also developed through a variety of practices. For most people, this skill does not come naturally and it can be quite challenging to master. Part of this challenge is the capacity to trust one’s own energetic sensitivity. So, for those who wish to acquire or learn this ability, the catch 22 of getting over one’s doubts can be daunting and sometimes, even insurmountable, to hurdle.

But when it’s mastered, an intimate grasp of the art of pulse diagnosis places a TCM healer in an extremely privileged position to aid patients with a diverse array of health issues and diseases.

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A lot of people with high blood pressure tend to rely on medications to manage their condition. There are literally hundreds of drugs on the market that doctors prescribe to lower high blood pressure (HBP) levels. All these products claim of being able to temporarily regulate blood pressure and prevent the risk of a heart attack or stroke. However, modern drugs are notorious for being inherently toxic that usually leads to side effects. This is the reason why more and more folks are discarding themselves of these conventional approaches and turning to more natural and safer modes of treatment.

These days, you can buy your own biofeedback or breathing machine, invest in relaxation audio tapes, and buy herbal remedies for treatment. The question, do they really work? Do these products perform exactly as advertised?That when you use them, you are guaranteed to enjoy good and better health and make the treatment of blood pressure beneficial and pleasant?

Although acupuncture has been used as a major form of treatment in China for thousands of years, western scientists and physicians have observed it closely these past few decades and have just now begun to understand a bit of how it works to upgrade health. They found that inserting filiform needles into specific points in the body (known as acupuncture points, or acupoints, for short)–leads to an increased flow of chemicals and hormones. When they enter the bloodstream, these chemicals act on the brain and the nerves. But more importantly, some of them seem to locally affect minor blood vessels in the surrounding tissues and skin causing those blood vessels to dilate and open up setting off a sensation of warmth and flushing that some people tend to experience during an acupuncture procedure.

How Is Blood Pressure Measured?

Blood pressure is measured by how much force the heart needs to pump to push the blood throughout the body. If your blood pressure is high, this means that the vessels are constricted and resistant to the flow; a low blood pressure, on the other hand, suggests that the vessels are wider and offer less flow resistance causing the heart to exert less effort to pump blood throughout the body. Therefore, if the capillaries, veins, and arteries widen a little because of acupuncture in Cleveland, then circulation can move freely causing the blood pressure to drop.

Acupoints targeted for treatment are oftentimes deliberated on by acupuncturists because they understand the importance of selecting the correct points in order to achieve optimal results. Some acupuncturists will select powerful acupoints on the ear to bring about a significant drop in BP level.

Being natural holistic doctors, acupuncturists will always use natural blood pressure remedies –albeit with one condition – that you, the patient, will faithfully adhere and persevere in the course of treatment set by your acupuncturist. Going to all your appointments means that you believe in the treatment and that’s what’s all needed for the treatment to be successful. If you have doubts about the treatment, you could end up with a higher blood pressure level than when you first came in for treatment.

To help monitor your progress, it is important that you have a blood pressure monitor at home. If you don’t know how to read your blood pressure in a BP, you can buy an electronic BP monitor that will automatically tell you your BP reading. This is how you keep yourself safe.

You can ask your doctor what your normal BP level should be. Start by only dong recordings of your BP for a whole week. Then, the next step is to minimize or avoid any intake of salt. Try eating foods with zero salt content like yogurt, fresh fruits, and fruit juices for a whole week. Then record your BP levels once more and see the difference, you just might be shocked at what harm salt can do to your health!

If you decide to lower your HBP with the use of herbal remedies, be sure to talk to a qualified acupuncturist or Chinese medicine practitioner who will guide you on what herbal concoction fits your specific needs. You could also decide to perform regular exercise or a use a breath training device instead. Whatever you chose, be sure that have your own monitor at home to help you carefully monitor your BP. Do not delay –purchase your home BP monitor and get started today.

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One of the most powerful tools for nourishing longevity and staying young is Qi gong. But how does this treatment work?

Qi Gong Builds Suppleness and Internal Strength

Qi gong, unlike conventional western-style exercise, trains the body’s vital energy to revitalize the internal organs in order to prolong youthful appearance and promote balanced health.

The spleen, in Chinese medicine, is the organ believed to be responsible for the muscles of the body. The spleen organ can be stimulated by specific gong movements through its affiliated energy channels. So, when a person does movements that are designed to stimulate the spleen, his/her muscles can become supple and more youthful, resulting in a healthier and younger looking skin which helps reduce and prevents wrinkles (particularly on the face).

Since Qi gong involves deep breathing, greater amounts of oxygen are taken in by the body during the exercise and they enter the bloodstream which helps regenerate the internal organs on a cellular level.

On an energetic level, it is believed said that our Jing or essential energy, which resides in the kidney organs, is the factor responsible for youthfulness. The energy of the kidneys is replenished by certain Qi gong movements. This is the reason why a lot of qi gong masters possess incredibly strong and healthy kidneys and they seem to be untouched by time.

Qi Gong Means Rejuvenated Brain Cells

In the University of California at Irvine,scientists found out that when qi is generated by qi gong masters, within the brain,a greater perfusion of blood happens.

The brain cells are nourished when there is a greater perfusion of blood. This helps prevent mental and cognitive conditions related to aging such as dementia. So, when you perform qi gong, it can help maintain the vibrancy and youth of your mind and brain.

Qi Gong Holds Off Issues that Prematurely Age the Body

People who practice qi gong tend to experience greater states of relaxation. This means that people practicing it are able to avoid health problems caused by stress (immunity imbalances, high blood pressure, and premature graying, and many others).

Qi gong Resolves and Manages Health issues that Age the Body

One of the most effective types of Qi gong activity for cancer is circle walking. Cancer causes premature aging and cellular break down. Head instructor of the qi gong program at Stanford University, Dr Arnold Tayam, has adopted a special type of Qi gong circle walking that leads to greater states of rejuvenation and relaxation which aids in accelerated healing among cancer patients.

Qi Gong Nourishes Both the Body and the Spirit

The movement and meditation practiced in Qi Gong tend to promote a connection with a higher power.

A study conducted at the University of California headed by immunologist David Felton, MD discovered that the immune system can be strengthened by spiritual practices.

As a type of spiritual practice, qi gong can help boost the immune system,restoring its balance and preventing issues such as rheumatoid arthritis usually connected to aging although juvenile forms can also happen.

Qi Gong Produces Youthful Bones

The bones are nourished by Qi gong in a couple of ways. First, it helps beef up the kidney organs, which Chinese medicine practitioners believe govern the bones. This helps the bones mend faster and helps prevent the development of osteoporosis and bone degeneration. Qi Gong has certain movements that lead to an isometric strengthening effect on the fascia and bones.

I used to have a patient aged 74 years old who performs qi gong daily. After undergoing ankle surgery, she was able to have her cast removed two weeks ahead of schedule. This is because her bones healed quite rapidly compared to other patients who do not do qi gong and were even half her age.

To sum it up, qi gong can lead to longevity and greater states of youthfulness. This is due to the nourishment of the bone and muscle systems and the internal organs. Qi gong also leads to greater spiritual and mental balance.

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What is the Chinese Medicine Technique of Acupuncture Moxibustion?

Acupuncture in Maitland has actually a couple of operative parts: one is the use of needles and the other is the use of fire. Both parts are correlative and essential for curing health conditions.

Chinese moxibustion is a procedure in which a moxa herb is burned over the body or over the outside tip of an acupuncture needles to augment the effect of the treatment.

Moxibustion and acupuncture are very important medical legacies of the Chinese nation to the world. In ancient texts, various legends have narrated about the origin of moxibustion and acupuncture. One of these is Fu Hsi’s discovery of the therapeutic procedures with stone needles, and Wang Di’s discovery of moxibustion and acupuncture.

To trace the origin Chinese acupuncture moxibustion, we need to go as far back as the Neolithic Age.
During that time, it was believed that while cooking, a housewife found a way to assuage her ache be simply standing near the fire at the stove. This way of healing aches and pain has slowly evolved. Later on medical herbs were added to cleanse the body and boost health.

The other treatment that is usually combined with moxibustion is cupping. Basically, the method is to put over the body a glass cup, put fire in the cur, and while the heat of the fire is inside allow it to “cup” the body. The heat forces the air out of the cup and forms a “suction vortex” which makes the cup stick to the skin. This results in the stimulation of blood stasis as well as a “massage” of the patient’s internal organs. One can expect the same effect with the use of a moxa cone.

Chinese acupuncture moxibustion obviously must be done with accuracy which implies that the important meridians or acupuncture points on the body should be identified and targeted for treatment to cure the illness. Medicinal herbs like garlic and ginger are also added when the need for their use comes.

The cup is usually allowed to remain on the body for about 16 to 21 minutes, and there has to be more than one session for the therapy to work.

Today, people have made improvements on the traditional methods of Chinese acupuncture moxibustion. We now have acupointmagneto therapy,acupoint injection,electronic needle moxibustion,microwave needle moxibustion and others that can help you heal in a safe and natural way in the 21st century.

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By itself, low energy or fatigue is not an illness; it is a feeling of profound exhaustion that impacts our daily happiness as well as our capacity to achieve our purpose and goals in life. When we feel a temporary sense of fatigue, it is usually our body’s way of saying it’s time to make some positive lifestyle changes that can help improve our general health. Fatigue that persists is a sign that the energy system of our body requires treatment.

Signs and Symptoms

Practitioners of Chinese Medicine collect the signs and symptoms of the patient and then diagnose them all together. A practitioner would never call or label an illness or a syndrome with a complicated name. The practitioner instead is constantly mindful that the illness is a dynamic process that is viewed as a disharmony pattern that just not affects one body system or organ but the person as a whole. A treatment approach that addresses all the signs and symptoms, results in a natural more balanced healing effect. In Western medicine, the doctor addresses the patient’s complaint (his/her signs and symptoms), but not necessarily, their root cause. A Western doctor will give a name to a set of signs and symptoms. If those signs cannot be labeled by the doctor or if the symptoms are not obvious, single or multiple medical tests will normally be performed. If the results of the test are negative, the patient is deemed to be absolutely free of any medically perceived illnesses. But if the patient still thinks that he/she is sick, some physicians will attribute that to the patient’s “imagination,” something that exists only in the patient’s head. Traditional Chinese medicine does not work that way. A practitioner will consider all patterns of disharmony as potential evidences of an imbalance in health that need attention with or without a Western diagnosis. That is the main reason why Chinese medicine is especially effective on people with fibromyalgia,Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic lack of energy or other problems that western medicine has no means of treating.

Patterns of Disharmony

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine there are two distinct patterns of disharmony:Qi deficiency and Qi stagnation, both of which can result in lack of energy. Qi deficiency occurs when the energy of the person is run down and the person simply does not have enough energy to perform daily normal activities. Qi stagnation arises when the energy of a person does not move freely or becomes stuck within the meridians of the body. In Western medicine, this is analogous to nerve impedance and/or sluggish circulation supplying energy to an organ system or a limb within the body. Chinese medicine will treat these two patterns in a completely different way although herbs and acupuncture treatment are often used for both patterns.Acupuncturists see these patterns in almost every patient. In order to achieve a lasting and effective end to their problem, it is important to treat both Qi deficiency and Qi stagnation with different treatment modalities. For most acupuncturists myself included, herbal medicine and acupuncture are very artistic forms of medicine in the sense that the healer has to be very creative in selecting the precise acupuncture points and herbs that are best suited to the particular needs of the patient. This is the only way than an enduring and even permanent cure for low energy can be achieved.

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There is a Natural, Safe, Effective and Drug Free Alternative.

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Insomnia, from a Chinese medicine standpoint, is caused by excessive underlying elements and conditions in the body the most common of which are heart fire, liver fire, and food stagnation. Insomnia can also be a manifestation of other deficiencies in the body including blood deficiency, heart yin deficiency, and qi deficiency.

It is important that the heat is cleared if one wants to treat insomnia using Chinese medicines. For this, a concoction known as Emperor’s Tea would suffice. Made up of a combination of various nourishing and sedating properties, this tea clears heat from the body, resulting in complete relaxation. As everybody knows, relaxation is a precondition for sleeping soundly. Other potent Chinese medicinal herbs other than the Emperor’s Tea such as Mien Pien and An Shen Bu Hsincan be used for treating insomnia.

One of the best Chinese medicine treatments for insomnia is acupuncture in Austin. The use of hair-thin acupuncture needles placed on selected acupuncture points can calm and relax the patient enough to make him/her feel sleepy. These acupoints are located on the wrists, between the eyebrows, and on the ear. In order to be at the best and most appropriate time to fall asleep, it is best that acupuncture treatment be requested by the patient late in the afternoon. This is an ideal time to undergo acupuncture for insomnia as it will induce a refreshing, deep, and peaceful sleep all throughout the night.

For folks who think that the notion of being stuck with needles as something they are not looking forward to, they could opt for an equally powerful needleless therapy known as acupressure. The modes and elements of treatment between acupuncture and acupressure are the same although instead of being pricked with needles, acupressure uses painless pressure on the acupointwith a relative amount of force.

The five elements of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are wood, metal, water, fire, and earth. The entire principle of Chinese treatment procedures revolve around the correct circulation of energy throughout the energy pathways of the body called meridians. Another factor for achieving ideal health is the proper interaction of the body organs with each other.

In treating insomnia, common Chinese herbal remedies such as chamomile, passionflower, lavender, and lemon balm can be used. These herbs can be made into teas and served as ideal home remedies for insomnia. These treatments are considered natural cures for insomnia since they are naturally occurring.

AnShen Bu Hsiin Wan Insomnia Treatment

This herbal remedy can easily and quickly treat a person’s sleep disorder.
The main active ingredient in this concoction is Mother of pearl shells and it has the power to calm the spirit and settle the heart. To get enough sleep every time you want to relax, take An Shen Bu Hsin Wan pills thrice a day. If indigestion or stomach upset occurs, discontinuetreatment.

Emperor’s Tea Insomnia Treatment

Toxins in the yin and the heart blood can be removed with Emperor’s tea. This tea also has the ability to resolve heat deficiencies. The active ingredient of emperor’s tea is extracted from schizandra berries which also helps strengthens the body’s resistance to diseases. This tea can also enhance the capacity of the body to handle stress.

For long-lasting results, eight pills of Emperor’s tea thrice a day should be taken for up to a month.

An Mien Pien Treatment

There are two active ingredients in an An Mien Pien pill: the polygaia root and the ziziphus seed. They both have nourishing, hypnotic, and sedative effects on the body, while they calm the heart at the same time. An Mien Pien also can treat restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia. For best results, take 4 tablets thrice a day.

More important than these powerful Chinese medicine treatments,is the need to modify one’s lifestyle in order to cure the problem. Before you sleep, don’t eat sweets or take caffeine. Also, during the night, you need to avoid any stimulation that may keep you awake. This means there should be no TV or computer at night because they could disturb your sleep or prevent you from falling asleep.